Begin the journey!

your city

The piece of ground is bought, chief, and the entire list of quests is ready! Construct roads, build dwelling and administration houses. Create business districts and parks. Improve your buildings, and don’t forget about the well-being of citizens!

and Control

Police departments, fire stations and hospitals will help you to keep the city in order. Arrange the damaged buildings in mini-games. In every occasion – call the emergency. Until my brave guys are at service – you’ve nothing to be afraid of!

new friends

Friendship between cities in Funlandia is useful and profitable. Visit your mayor- friends’ cities more often. Bring gifts, help to collect goods. Gain social experience points – it will be useful in future.

Get the new locations

It won’t stop on one city! Begin to build your first city on the coast, carry out some tasks – and you’ ll be able to build new cities, with their own landscape and buildings. Will you manage with several cities at once?

Your mayor’s career
begins, chief!

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